Importance of a smart checkout page on eCommerce sites

The checkout page is a page on an eCommerce website where all the transaction is concluded. The customer makes a payment and provides shipping, billing, and contact details for invoicing on a checkout page. Cart abandonment is common with online stores due to the complicated checkout process most of the online store has. That’s why it’s important to make the checkout page as user-friendly and simple as possible.

Importance of a smart checkout page on eCommerce sites 1

The necessity of a single page checkout

Single checkout pages have the advantage of capturing data throughout the checkout process. Users are required to enter their contact, shipping, and other details to complete the checkout process. This data helps you to contact the user and make their purchases easier to complete their purchase in the future.

A simple checkout page makes the shopper feel secure about their purchase. It can be made more trustworthy by displaying the logos of relevant assurance and guarantee organizations. Checkout pages also show the options of multiple payments which encourages users to continue, as they know that their method of payment will be accepted.

Here are some tips to create a smart checkout page:

Ease the process of a checkout page

All online customers prefer a single checkout page rather than multiple pages or steps. You can make it easy for customers by simply placing all the fields they need to complete on a single page. It is easier for them to see how the complete checkout process works on your eCommerce store. Thus they will be more likely to complete their purchase more easily.

It can be difficult to represent all the information to the customer and gather all the information from a single page. Also, you might find it complicated to put everything in a single layout. But don’t worry! Cause Woolementor has the best solution for your checkout page. You can easily create a single page checkout form with Woolementor in minutes.

Importance of a smart checkout page on eCommerce sites 2

Let users to checkout as a guest

You might find many customers who want to purchase a product from your WooCommerce store without signing up or logging in. For them, you need to enable the guest checkout process. This might seem a bit odd but it’s necessary to keep your sales and popularity on track.

These customers might not come back for future purchases but forcing them to create an account will definitely decrease the conversion rate and store popularity. Don’t stress too much on this and feel good about the fact that you are letting everyone to shop from your store through a hassle-free process.

Importance of a smart checkout page on eCommerce sites 3

Include multiple payment options on your store

Nowadays it’s really important to include almost all the popular payment methods in an online store. So that customers won’t have to be turned down just because they don’t have the preferred payment method. Turning down customers not only effects your sale but as well as the business possibilities.

Make sure to add the payment methods that your clients prefer the most. You can add the popular online payment gateways.

Add verified payment gateway badges

There is a bad impression on online stores because of some fraudulent sites out there. That’s why people will think twice before making a purchase on your new WooCommerce store.

To eliminate the chance of cart abundance you should consider adding trust and payment verified badges on the checkout page. These badges will make new customers safe and secure in your store.

Always consider adding the badges of the most popular payment gateways like Paypal, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. Also, you can use security badges like McAfee secure, Norton certification to let the customer know that your site is scam and virus free.

Adding these badges won’t make any confusion between the customers and eventually help you to get more sales.


Poor and complicated checkout pages cause cart abandonment. That’s why it also creates a huge difference in your revenues. To decrease the loss of revenue try Woolementor today to create a simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly checkout page. It will make your online store customers feel more relaxed and eager to buy products again from your business. Ultimately Woolementor helps by increasing conversion rate and makes your business more popular in the eCommerce world.

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