How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor

By adding a live sales notification popup on your site is an easy way to convince website visitors and make them feel comfortable while buying from your site.

If you’re an eCommerce store owner then adding a recent sales notification popup will boost your sales and also make your sites reliable to purchase anything for new users.

Sales notification popup is social proof to show your visitors that other people like them are also buying your products from your sites. Woolementor has come up with a new widget and totally customizable sales notification popup that can display recent sales notifications to your site visitors.
Today, we will see and discuss how adding Woolementor sales notification popup can boost your revenue and engagement.

At first, we will discuss the benefits of Woolementor sales notification popup.

Benefits of Woolementor sales notification popup

Adding a sales notification popup is a way of social proof marketing. It helps you to represent that many subscribers and customers are already purchasing goods from your site.

Helps to gain trust

In eCommerce platforms, most visitors leave an online store without buying an item. The main reasons are the lack of trust, engagement, and authenticity prevents new visitors from placing an order. That’s why Woolementor developed a sales notification popup from the concept of social proof that helps you lower the cart abandonment on your site.

This widget displays beautiful recent sales popups to notify visitors of recently bought items. Thus, visitors are becoming aware that many other customers who are buying from your store will be more confident in making their first purchases.

Also, most customers read reviews before buying a digital product. Product reviews are more trusted to them than the sales copy from manufacturers or store owners.
Adding Woolementor sales notification popup lets you show how verified the site is. It also displays how often a customer is buying products. This gains the trust of a new user and purchases a product without going through product reviews.

Visitors can take decisions more quickly

After seeing sales notification popup visitors take decisions more quickly. Because by this time they will know that your products are selling more to others in just a small amount of time.
If a shopper is hanging out on a product page, trying to decide if they want to purchase one product or another, seeing a live sales notification can be just the push they need to make a decision.
Create a sense of urgency

Adding Woolementor sales notification popups on your site is also a great way to use fear of missing out to drive more sales and subscriptions.
Seeing a lot of activity for a product they’re interested in could be enough to trigger a shopper to buy before they miss out!

Increase Conversions

Woolementor sales notification popups widget can increase conversions. This is possible because you’re able to direct visitors’ attention and drive them towards the products you want them to purchase or the actions you want them to take.

Steps to add Woolementor sales notification popup on your site

Woolementor sales notification popups widget helps you add instant credibility to your site by showing live sales notifications on your website through verified activity bubbles.

Adding Woolementor sales notification popups widget just a few minutes to add on your site:

  • Make sure you have following plugins installed on your site
    WooCommerce, Woolementor, Woolementor Pro, and Elementor.
  • Activate the Woolementor Pro plugin with your license key. (Because Woolementor sales notification popups is a premium widget)

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 1

  • Even though you can use this widget on any page or post, it’s recommended to use it in the header or footer template so it shows up on every page of your site. For instance, let’s start with a page.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 2

  • Click “Edit with Elementor” next to the page you want to add sales notification popups to appear.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 3

  • Next, you will need to select a structure to add to your preferred page.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 4

  • Now search for the sales notification widget in the “Element section” on editor mode and drop into the structure you just added.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 5

  • After adding the widget on your page you will see three different tabs to fully customize the sales notification popup.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 6

  • In the Content tab- you will find settings to fetch the popup content from real, fake, or both data.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 7

  • If you select the Real data then more fields will appear such as the number of orders, order statuses, interval, delay, and alignment.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 8

  • We don’t recommend this, but if you really want to show Fake notifications then you will find an option to add demo customers in the notification list.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 9

  • On the other hand, if you select both then you will have both real data fields and demo data to appear on the sales notification.

How to create sales notification popup with Woolementor 10

  • In the Style and Advanced tabs, you will find various options divided into the card, image, and content section to design the popup extensively.

That’s it! Now your sale notification popup is ready to go live as soon as you hit the ‘Publish’ button.

Want to see a demo? Look at the bottom-right corner of the page you’re viewing right now!

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